3 signs your business needs a rebrand

3 Signs It’s Time For A Rebrand

Why Your Business Might Need A Rebrand

Your brand should convey your message, mission, and the image of who you are as a company. If your brand doesn’t do these things, it may be time to think of rebranding. Here are a few things that may warrant your brand being reimagined.

If you are embarrassed by your image.

When you hand someone a business card or tell them to visit your site, do you make excuses as to why it’s not great? Or maybe you’re hesitant to give them out. This should not be so. Your website, your logo, or any other kind of imagery associated with your brand should be something you want to tell anyone about. Think about hiring someone to update these things and make a cohesive look.

Your mission has become different.

If your brand identity is rooted in the city you’re in, or the services you offer, but your company is expanding in those areas, think about a rebrand. If you offer new services, make a new branch, or want a new client base you should look into rebranding. Maybe in the case of a new branch or city, you may just need to adjust slightly. But really examine your mission and how it changes over time. It’s important to your business’s brand.

Your branding is mediocre.

This is a tough pill to take. But ask yourself, “Do I stand out?” You can stand out in other ways certainly by service or success, but if your brand isn’t properly in line with those ideas, it can be confusing to potential new customers. If your marketing isn’t working, in hiring or gaining new business, it may be because your brand doesn’t properly show off your business.



Written by our own Preston Smith.

Preston has a BFA in graphic design with a minor in communications. Preston has travelled across the United States, Iceland, and Dubai for photography and videography.

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