The Mistakes You’re Making On Facebook

The Mistakes You’re Making On Facebook

In Facebook advertising, the big mistake people often make is focusing on the wrong stuff. They don’t take time to truly understand human psychology or the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Think of Facebook and Instagram as online versions of a party or a business networking group. Pretend you’re a brand ambassador for your business. Your job is to build relationships and educate people in your local community.

For example, maybe you are advertising a service.

You should be educating people on WHY they need the service you offer instead of just telling everybody WHAT you offer. By educating people, you start to build relationships. Only after you educate people and build these relationships do you begin talking about your own products/services and the needs they meet in the market.

You should be focusing 50% of your efforts on building trust (in you, in your service, in your company, etc) and 50% of your efforts on delivering value.

As you run ads that deliver value, you’ll hear statistics and figures meant to help you calibrate ad content. However, don’t let these figures cloud the importance of talking to your audience as you would in a face-to-face conversation.

For instance, a Facebook partner manager or rep might tell you to use short videos because attention span is short and average video engagement time might be 15 seconds. Although this data is accurate, focusing on it can cause you to miss the audience you want to reach.

Say you have a Facebook video ad based on a blog post. Whether that video is 8 minutes or 1 minute long, you’ll lose about 95% of people after the first 15 seconds, no matter what. But the 5% who keep watching will watch to the end, and those are the people you want to attract.

Whatever the format, the ad must either:

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