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Why Isn’t Anyone Coming to My Website? | How To Make Great Content

I’m sure you’ve all been there. You’re desperately looking at your website analytics and thinking “I’m putting out such GREAT content, why isn’t anyone visiting my website?”

I hope you sense my sarcasm, because THAT is why you’re not getting hits on your site.

If you’re already putting time, effort, and yes – money, into developing killer content.. this post isn’t for you. If you feel that you’re lacking in this area, keep reading.

The trick to upping your website traffic is putting out consistent and relevant content.. frequently. Every time you publish your content, it NEEDS to be pushed to your social channels! Advertise your new content on facebook, instagram, pinterest, linkedin, or whatever channel you have a presence on.

How do you create great content?

1. Contribute Value

Can you contribute value to somebody who is NOT in your industry? Think about some frequently asked questions that your business gets, and write a blog post on one of those! For example: if you are in the hair industry, write a blog post detailing your top 5 hair care products for summer (or whatever season we are in). Consumers will read this based on your position in your industry, and likely be reminded to book an appointment with you… and probably buy some product.


2. Make It Pretty

This one is where you could stand to spend some money. If a post is going to be popular on any social media platform, it has to be pretty. I mean CLEAN images with nice symmetry, color, and subject matter. Not to mention, it needs to be branded to your company. And relevant to your content. If you have the talents to make this happen on your own – by all means. However, if you’re effectively running your own business, you probably don’t have the time or effort to dedicate the time it takes to do this. I recommend PLANNING your content for a month or two and scheduling a shoot in advance.

3. Optimize The Heck Out Of It

Do you know what SEO means? Do you know how to correctly optimize your content for search engines?
Search engine optimization is massively important when you want to be discovered on Google (or Bing or Yahoo, but who even uses those). You’ve got to be using keywords. Your copy needs to pass the Flesch readability test. You need a certain amount of H1, H2, and H3s, and your meta needs to be optimized as well. If what I said just confused you… This is probably something you should probably hire out.

If you’re serious about stepping up your content game, your website hits will SKY ROCKET! When you get more hits to your website, you get more exposure to your business. People only take the time to read content in which they are interested. That makes for easy leads!

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